Venice in Two Days

I decided to do a quick series of posts about the cities we visited in Italy. We visited a total of six locations in Italy and they are so vastly different that they really required their own post. Hopefully you enjoy the recommendations. 🙂 We had a fabulous time in Italy!

First, I created a quick video overview of Venice and some of the beautiful sights we saw.

I used GoOpti to go from Ljubljana to Venice. This was an excellent service and would definitely recommend this to others traveling in the area.

Things we enjoyed:
  • Free Walking Tour : We had a great tour guide that showed us more of the unknown and hidden sights in Venice. This was great and we would recommend taking the tour if you have time and don’t mind walking around the city for 2 – 4 hours.

  • Gondola Ride : Many people had recommended this experience to us and we decided to check it out. We went with two other mother and daughter groups – one of the Remote Year girls! The Gondola ride was a little pricey, but the prices are regulated around the city and you can’t get a better deal. We paid $20 for both of us for a 45 minute ride. I certainly would not suggest a shorter trip, there is so much to look at while you explore the city by canal.

Where we stayed:
  • Hotel Hesperia: Through my Capital One VentureOne card, I was able to use my reward points to book two nights. We loved the location! It was right near a canal very much out of the way of any major tourist spot. We were very close to the train station and some hidden treasures. They also provided a lovely breakfast!

What we ate:
  • Grom Gelato : This was recommended to us by a few of my friends. It was certainly refreshing to eat gelato during the 90 degree weather! It wasn’t our favorite in Italy, but it was still fantastic.

  • Ai tre archi : The hotel gave us this recommendation as a great place in our neighborhood. It was a great spot, tucked away from the crowded tourist areas. There were still a lot of people here and the staff worked hard. We enjoyed the location so much that we came here twice!

Although Venice was rather touristy, my mom and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this beautiful city. The only complaint we had was the crazy heat!

Up Next:

  • Florence in Two Days
  • One Day in Torino, Italy

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