A very quick stop in Milan for the 2015 Expo

The first World’s fair was held at Hyde Park in London in 1851. There is some debate as to if this was really the first exhibition but it is certainly the most famous ‘first’. Over the years, we have begun to refer to the fair as an expo. When I found out that the Expo was going on in Milan, I knew that we had to stop and experience it. I mean how often do you just happen to be passing through Italy and get a chance to attend one of the world fairs?!

The event was massive! It was really quite overwhelming. There were two options on tickets for the events – a day pass for about $40 and a night pass for about $5. Since we were planning to spend the entire day there, we opted for the more expensive option. If we would have had more time in Milan, maybe we would have gone with the evening pass and attended multiple times.

The Expo was featured around the city as well. I was particularly impressed with the light show featured at the Duomo in the City Center. Even though, we were being surrounded by mosquitoes, it was a great way to end the evening.

Again, we had an excellent stay at an Airbnb. This one also had a piano!! 🙂

The theme for the year was “Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life”. My mom and I were able to try some excellent food from various countries.

I was very impressed with the beautiful pavilions designed for each country represented at the event. Each had it’s own personality and tried to provide some meaningful insight into the values of that country. Here are some pictures of my favorites:

If you plan to visit one of the World’s fair in the future, start planning your trip to Kazakhstan in 2017 or Dubai in 2020.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a ton of time to explore Milan this time. I absolutely plan to be back! 🙂