Last minute trip around Italy

I’ve been living in Ljubljana, Slovenia for the last month. The city, country, and people are fantastic! It’s also in such a convenient location for visiting other countries and cities as well. In a discussion with my family, I was telling them how close Venice, Italy is to Ljubljana – roughly around 2.5 hours by car- and my mom mentioned that she wished she could go to Italy. Well, why not? There is not going to be a much better time than when I’m living so close! We booked her flights later that night a week before she would be coming to visit. Surprisingly the flight was about $900 from Baltimore to Venice and from Ljubljana back to Baltimore. My sister has been interning at Hershey and this gave them the opportunity to visit her on her way to the Baltimore Airport.

Here was our ambitious itinerary:

Venice – 2 Days
Florence – 2 Days
Torino – 1 Day
Milan – 2 Days
Lake Como – 1 Day
Verona – 1 Day
Ljubljana, Slovenia – 2 Days

Over the next few days I will be posting some of our recommendations and pictures from the trip to Italy. It was extremely hot during this trip. It didn’t rain and was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny every day.

Until then, enjoy some of our pictures below. 🙂
So long #Florence! It was a fun few Dayan #Italy #travel #remoteyear
Florence 🙂

First Impression of #Torino - #Amazing! #travel #remoteyear #Italy
Torino, Italy

Sunset over #LakeComo! Beautiful! #Italy #remoteyear #travel
Lake Como

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